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Local Tech Wire

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – (NYSE: DUK) has brought online its third wind power site with a Wyoming wind farm going on the grid as of Tuesday.

The farm, which includes 66 wind turbines, is located near Casper, Wyo. It is capable of generating enough green or environmentally friendly power for 30,000 homes, or 99 megawatts.

Duke is purchasing power from the project through PacifiCorp.

The utility firm also has wind-power farms in operation in Texas, one in Pennsylvania and a second one in Wyoming.

Combined, Duke has 733 megawatts of wind-generate power available with 362 megawatts being added in 2009.

“There’s a big difference between talking about combating climate change and actually doing something about it,” said Wouter van Kempen, president of Duke Energy Generation Services, which oversees renewable energy projects.

“By adding 362 megawatts of wind power in just one year, Duke Energy is showing it’s serious about generating electricity from renewable resources.”

Duke also plans to build farms in Colorado and Wyoming next year.

In a related project, Duke received in November a $22 million federal grant for a wind power storage facility in Texas. Duke is matching the federal funds.