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RALEIGH, N.C. — The state’s employment agency has received two federal grants that give it more than $1 million to identify "green job" opportunities and needs in the state, officials said Friday.

Employment Security Commission Chairman Moses Carey Jr. said a $946,000 grant to the agency’s Labor Market Information division will go to "to conduct a green jobs survey and to perform research to determine state and local, as well as real-time, Green employment demand."

The state also got a $71,000 grant, part of a multi-state program, and it will use that money to update its ability to predict the need for jobs in environmentally friendly industries, Carey said.

The grants, Carey said "will allow us identify green jobs and the potential for more of those types of jobs — and industry — throughout North Carolina. We can then use this information to enhance our labor exchange function and let our partners know about changes, if any, which may be needed in our state’s job training programs."