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Local Tech Wire

CARY, N.C. — Epic Games announced Thursday that it is making a free developers’ kit (UDK) of its powerhouse Unreal Engine 3 software available online.

"This software release is available to anyone interested in using 3-D game engine technology, including game developers, students, hobbyists, researchers, creators of 3-D visualizations and simulations, and digital filmmakers. Anyone can start working with the industry-leading Unreal Engine 3 tool set by downloading UDK," Epic said in its announcement.

It also said it has set licensing terms for those who want to use the kit to develop commercial products.

Epic said the developer kit has the latest updates to Unreal Engine 3, including some not yet seen in commercially available games. It will keep the kit updated, it said.

"An unprecedented milestone in game development, the release of UDK awards free access to the same world-class tools and technology used by many of the world’s best video game developers and publishers," Epic said.

"UDK is Unreal Engine 3, which has been used to create games in a wide range of genres, as well as military simulations, 3-D architectural walk-throughs, animated movies and more. Users are only limited by their imaginations," Mark Rein, Epic vice president, said.