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Local Tech Wire

RALEIGH, N.C. – Scott Dietzen, a former senior vice president of applications at Yahoo!, is the newest board member at

The Raleigh-based, venture-captal backed startup delivers application solutions for virtualization, enterprise networks and cloud-based environments.

Dietzen also is a former chief technology officer at Zimbra and BEA Systems.

“Scott was one of the guys behind the web app server, which ushered in a distributed computing revolution,” said Mike Torto, chief executive officer at rPath. “Virtualization and cloud computing are driving another revolution that places the application at the center of the IT universe. Increasingly, organizations must automate the packaging, deployment and maintenance of applications as complete, self-contained and self-describing systems. Scott’s involvement validates our vision and invigorates our efforts. He gets what we’re doing, and he understands the important impact it will have on IT operations.”

Dietzen joined Yahoo! when that firm acquired e-mail startup Zimbra. He was president and CTO at Zimbra.