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KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Ten men, who will receive $400 for their time and troubles, are participating in what’s being called the first “major human clinical trial” at the

The volunteers will each spend four days living in one of only 11 metabolic chambers in the U.S. as part of a metabolism study. Their metabolism will be measured over 24-hour periods. They will eat, sleep and exercise in the chamber, which resembles a tiny hotel room.

The is conducting the study along with the , according to the Salisbury Post.

The 10 and five alternates were selected from among more than 40 volunteers, according to David Nieman, director of the lab. The test will last 10 weeks.

Women were not recruited for this study because their menstrual cycles and hormonal surges can influence metabolism, Nieman told the Post.

"We need to have as homogeneous a group as possible," he said.

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