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Local Tech Wire

RALEIGH, N.C. – is adding staff and services as more and more businesses look for help in managing data that is not only growing in size but also in complexity.

It’s part of a “cradle to grave” data solution suite for clients, says Chief Executive Officer Rich Lee that now includes environment planning, administration, and monitoring services.

Signing on for the new offering are retailer Belk, which is based in Charlotte, and , a provider of mobile data solutions to many of the nation’s top wireless providers and entertainment companies.

Once based in Durham but now located in the state of Washington, Motricity is using Hosted for “optimization and platform consolidation efforts,” according to Chris Rivera, the firm’s vice president for managed services and information technology. He described Hosted’s new team as a “well-seasoned group of Oracle DBAs, WebLogic and J2EE application engineers, UNIX, Windows and Linux systems administrators and network engineers. They clearly have the technical expertise and impressive uptime we require to manage a series of complex applications, ensuring that we meet our customers’ demands.”

Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed, but Lee said Hosted is focused initially on what he called “two very large contracts.”

Hosted, which operates data centers in Raleigh, Cary, two in Charlotte and another in suburban Boston, now supports a variety of business applications. The expansion is the latest in a series of moves made by the privately held venture to exploit the growing and evolving infrastructure as a services market.

Just a few months ago, Hosted embraced cloud computing with the addition of high-end servers and more staff to enable collaborative computing. Hosted also works with numerous software-as-a-service providers. Now Hosted has staff and infrastructure to support Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss from Red Hat.

“We’re significantly expanding our suite of hosting and managing capabilities,” Lee explained. “We’re really focused on the data base layer and the application layer.

“We feel these are natural extensions to our businesses,” he added. “Our customers are doing so much more complex operations, and we felt these additions were much needed offerings for our clients.”

The additional services are also designed to help clients ensure more demanding regulatory requirements for data storage and integrity can be met.

Lee pointed out that Hosted is not programming or managing at the application layer. Rather, the company is offering “blocks of hours” that clients can purchase for high-end support.

“Some of these companies find it hard to hire for these positions or there is not enough need for full-time employees,” Lee said. “We’ve brought in a team of six people for this effort.”

So what will these new employees be doing?

“It’s monitoring and managing of programs, performing queries, doing some of the key administrator tasks, patching and consulting on how best to optimize,” Lee said. “We can make sure that the applications are optimized and working well with the infrastructure that they are deployed on.”