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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – So as the global economic pandemic drags on, how would you rate the performance of your boss in dealing with the crisis? As he or she been an antigen (a boost), a vaccine, a pain killer or worse than no treatment at all?

Ask the bosses and most of them In fact, 95 percent in a survey conducted by the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company say they are “at least somewhat satisfied with their own performance as business leaders.”

What say you?

Most managers say they are working more hours with almost 40 percent taking on additional responsibilities “without the benefit of a new title,” McKinsey says. “But although stress levels have increased, most executives say they can cope.”

Here’s an interesting question and series of responses: “What specific options have you taken to motivate employees since the crisis started?”

• 75 percent – Talking about company’s values and direction

• 71 percent – Talking about company’s financial performance

• 62 percent – Spending time informally with employees

• 54 percent – Supporting programs that help employees improve their skills

• 50 percent – Mentoring one or more employees

• 50 percent – Recognizing high performance publicly

• 31 percent – Creating opportunities for promotion, career growth

• 27 percent – Expressing interest in employees outside of work

Confidence, however, is a problem.

Only 44 percent of C-level executives, 39 percent of senior managers and 30 percent of middle managers believe they were “well prepared to deal with the crisis.”

The survey’s authors warn that middle managers have “dramatically lower levels of contentment” and have “less of a desire to stay with their current employers.”

However, note this in terms of senior executive attitude beyond longer hours and higher stress:

“What’s more surprising, rather than feeling as turbulent as the economy, executives say they feel relatively stable and content about their companies, their work, and their performance as business leaders since the crisis began.”

What say you?

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