The Carolinas and Georgia are on the short list for a South Korean company’s plan to build electric-powered vehicles in the U.S.

CT&T United says it will employ some 2,600 people over the next five years. The company said it would build “multiple facilities.” The vehicles are expected to go on sale in 2010.

CT&T United is a U.S.-based subsidiary of CT&T Korea.

“Company officials are considering potential sites in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and California,” CT&T said.

A spokesperson for the N.C. Department of Commerce dedclined comment.

"I have no info to provide for you (regarding) this company," the spokesperson said.

“We’re looking favorably [at Georgia],” said Joseph White, CT&T chief operating officer, told the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. “I think Georgia is right at the top.”

CT&T plans to build “city drive,” mid-speed, high-speed and utility vehicles as well as a variety of batteries.

"We are accelerating our plans to become a major investor in zero emissions vehicle technologies in the U.S.," CT&T President Young Gi Lee in a statement. "CT&T has become a category leader because of our advanced technology, plus we offer a solution to the primary barrier to consumer adoption of electric vehicles by offering EVs at affordable prices."

Vehicles are expected to be priced between $8,000 and $16,000.