Two biotechnology startups are getting a financial boost from the

and have received $50,000 “company inception loans.” The loan program is one of many offerings from the state-funded center designed to foster new business development.

“These loans help young companies through critical early business-development activities so they can be better positioned to secure outside funding or partnering,” said Yonnie Butler, the business development director at the Biotechnology Center.

Agile is commercializing technology developed at North Carolina State University. The firm is developing compounds that combat so-called biofilms, which are colonies of microorganisms that are more resistant that individual bacterium to antibiotics and immune systems.

Agile also believes its technology can be used to combat biolfilms in crops.

NCSU professors Christian Melander and John Cavanagh founded the company.

NeuroScience, launched by Gabriel Cipau, is developing brain disorder therapies developed at Duke University.

The company is focused on so-called neurosteroids, which are hormones that affect nerve cells. Its lead product, which targets schizophrenia, is already in Phase II clinical trials.