Clearwire is taking wireless broadband to a faster level in Atlanta with the launch of its so-called “4G” network based on WIMAX standard technology.

The fourth-generation label means faster speeds than current 3G or older networks,

Clearwire’s service offers download speeds between 4-6 megabits per second compared to 1-1.7 MGBS for 3G networks.

The company is offering mobile access and fix-point access with a variety of equipment such as PC cards and modems. The WiMAX network utilizes technology from Motorola.

Covering 1,200 square miles, the Atlanta network is the largest 4G-based offered in the country, according to Clearwire.

Service plans start at $20 a month for home connectivity and $40 a month for mobile.

Numerous laptops are already equipped to support the WiMAX network, including models from Lenovo, Dell, Fukitsu. Samsung and Toshiba.

Clearwire plans to offer Clear service in Charlotte later this year and in 80 markets by the end of 2010. Clear already is available in Baltimore, Md., and Portland, Ore.