Ward Sax, chief risk officer at , is one of the nation’s according to Treasury & Risk magazine.

He’s in some pretty heady company, too. Other members include Warren Buffett, President Obama, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

“RTI’s mission: conduct research into how to save the planet,” the magazine said. “Sax’s mission: ensure that a wide range of global risks don’t knock RTI off track. He is a pioneer in enterprise risk management, pulling together the views of 31 key risk stakeholders.”

The honor for Sax is not the first the magazine has given RTI for risk management. RTI also received the magazine’s gold medal in 2008.

"We are proud of Ward and his team for their leadership in helping RTI executives and staff members recognize, understand, prioritize and manage the various risks we incur as part of our business," said RTI Chief Financial Officer Jim Gibson. "This has been a cultural shift for RTI, and I am pleased to see these efforts being recognized and rewarded."

Sax has worked at RTI since 1998. He was named chief risk officer in 2005 when RTI launched a risk management effort. He also is vice president and treasurer.

RTI’s risk management effort included a team led by Sax that worked with groups throughout the organization over a period of two years.

A retired U.S. Navy officer, Sax earned at MBA at the University of Rochester. He received an engineering degree at the U.S. naval Academy.