Demand for information technology workers in North Carolina increased slightly in April, but job seekers shouldn’t expect much improvement, according to the latest “IT Job trends” report from the North Carolina Technology Association and SkillProof.

“The job market seems to have reached its bottom but demand is likely to stay flat,” , a nationwide talent management firm, said. SkillProof products the monthly assessment in partnership with , the state’s largest pro-business trade group.

The number of IT openings increased to 1,140 from 1,120 in March and 1,060 in February. The increase of the last two months ended a decline stretching back to last fall.

A year ago, N.C. firms reported 3,690 openings.

However, North Carolina’s job market is better than the U.S. as a whole. Nationally, IT job demand fell 1.9 percent in April, SkillProof said.

According to SkillProof, the job demand statistics indicated that “employers need to maintain core business systems.”

In March, IT job demand soared in the Raleigh-Triangle area. However, in the new report, SkillProof noted that surge was a “temporary” spike.

In Charlotte during April, IT job demand fell 21.4 percent.

Job openings by categories in April with March in parenthesis:

• Systems engineering/support: 520 (400

• Software development: 150 (180)

• Systems administration: 150 (150)

• IT architects/consultants: 80 (80)

• IT management: 60 (90)

• IT sales and marketing: 60 (80)

• Business/process design: 60 (70)

• Hardware engineering: 10 (10)

• Training/tech writing: 10 (20)

• Misc. categories: 50 (50)