Venture-backed received a global showcase for its video compression technology through the Internet broadcast of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday.

Neal Page, Inlet’s chief executive officer, called the broadcast an “unprecedented online experience for the Indy 500.” Inlet will be working with the Indy Racing League on future races as well, Page said.

IMS Productions, which is part of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Indy Racing League using Inlet’s “Spinnaker” product.

The live broadcast included several in-car video and telemetry as well as video from a camera aboard a helicopter.

Inlet enabled high definition and standard definition video delivery. It also allows users to pick different camera angles – or different events – and permits the incorporation of other data such as captions, scores and statistics.

The Indy 500 video was combined with a “leaderboard” and other features from

“Our goal is to provide our online viewers with a complementary product that enhances our television broadcast experience,” said Charlie Morgan, president of IMS Productions. “Inlet is known for its industry expertise and proven technology, and has experience in production with several leading sports organizations. Working with Inlet, we intend to deliver the best online streaming experience possible for Indy Car Series fans.”

Capitol Broadcasting, the parent firm of Local Tech Wire and, is an Inlet investor.