, an information technology infrastructure engineering firm, is moving to Cary from Siler City.

The company’s operations will be in Cary as of June 1. Its owners cited the firm’s growth and a change in the ownership of the building where it is currently located led to the decision to move.

“There are business reasons for us to be closer to a metropolitan area,” said company president and co-founder John Jabbusch. “All of our partners fly into RDU, we have employees in four states, and most of our employee pool is in the triangle.

“The move will make it easier for a majority of the people in this office to commute and also gives us a better employment pool for growth.”

Carolina Advanced Digital operated in Siler City for 25 years. The company is in growth mode despite the recent economic downturn. With a headcount of some 20 people, the firm is looking for infrastructure engineers and engineers with security certifications, Jabbusch said.

Revenues range in the area of $10 million and the business is profitable, Jabbusch told Local Tech Wire and WRAL.com in an interview. Based on Carolina Advanced Digital’s ability to design and deliver networks and solutions that meet increasing regulatory requirements with little testing required thus also save money, Jabbusch said company revenues have increased 40 percent in the past year and doubled since October.

Service offerings include:

• Network design Services
• Network security Services
• Wireless networking
• Convergence and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
• Training
• Digital forensics

Jabbusch and his wife, Susan who is vice president and chief operating officer, launched the company in 1984 and incorporated it in 1989. The Jabbuschs, who met while in the U.S. Navy, chose to live in Siler City after they left the service. John had lived in Siler City for several years with his parents before going to college and entering the Navy.

The Jabbusch’s daughter, Jennifer, is the company’s chief information security officer.

“We can do our work from most anywhere in the United States, which is why we have stayed in Siler City for so long,” said Susan in a statement about the move. “But given these latest changes and the present real estate market, now was the most opportune time for the move.”

Carolina Advanced Digital will maintain an office in Siler City.