Netbooks – smaller, less capable versions of laptop computers – are all the rage, selling hundreds of thousands of various models worldwide. But these less costly machines are not giving a boost to Linux as a less costly alternative than a Windows operating system, says Lenovo’s Matt Kohut.

In an interview with the blog site TechBlorge, Kohut says Linux does reduce costs but leads to more returns.

“You know, there were a lot of netbooks loaded with Linux, which saves $50 or $100 or whatever it happens to be, based on Microsoft’s pricing. And, again, from an industry standpoint, there were a lot of returns because people didn’t know what to do with it,” Kohut, who is Lenovo’s worldwide competitive analyst, said.

“Linux, even if you’ve got a great distribution and you can argue which one is better or not, still requires a lot more hands-on than somebody who is using Windows," he added.

"So, we’ve seen overwhelmingly people wanting to stay with Windows because it just makes more sense: You just take it out of the box, and it’s ready to go."

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