Georgia’s high-tech sector will soon get a boost with 600 new jobs being created by communications provided Cbeyond.

The Atlanta-based firm, which launched with 15 people in 2000, plans to build a new call center and training facility. The additions will push Cbeyond’s employment to more than 1,400 by 2013. It currently employs some 200 people outside of Atlanta.

Cbeyond (Nasdaq: CBEY) offers telecommunications and related technology services to more than 44,000 businesses in 12 metropolitan markets.

"We have built Cbeyond from the ground up in Georgia and we are pleased to continue expanding our operations here," said Jim Geiger, Cbeyond’s chief executive officer.

"Considering the difficult times facing the U.S. economy, having the opportunity to bring much needed economic development to Atlanta is gratifying, and is a testament to our business model,” he added. “Georgia’s talent pool is robust and those future employees will allow us to grow to the next level."

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