Widely published comic book artist Jim Lee is the talent that produced the cover of the latest from DC Comics and Cary-based Epic Games, creator of the growing Gears franchise.

Saying he is a player of the multi-million copy selling Gears and gears 2 video games, Lee noted: “I couldn’t pass the opportunity to draw a cover for the series.”

Lee has worked with numerous comics and graphic novels, including Batman and Superman titles.

His artwork also helps introduce a new Gears character in a world where humans battle the Locust Horde. The comic is the ninth to be published about Gears.

Epic has also turned the Gears game into books, toys, collectible action figures, and a forthcoming movie.

The new comic was written by Michael Capps, the president of Epic, and Joshua Ortega, the series’ lead author. He also wrote the script for Gears 2.

The Gears comics will be reprinted later this year as a collection that will be hardbound,

Epic also plans to publish a Gears of War sourcebook this summer.