is teaming up with the to make a set of standard measures and research protocols for use by scientists engaged in genetic research.

The suite of tools is called the .

The Genome Research Institute provided funding for the project. The PhenX information is based on three years of research and is designed to help scientists better estimate disease risk while also broaden the findings of a study to different studies and/or populations.

"The use of standard measures is vital to furthering our knowledge of the many complex relationships between genetics, environmental factors and common diseases," said Carol M. Hamilton, the director of bioinformatics at RTI who serves as principal investigator for the project.

The toolkit will have some 300 measures that cover a variety of conditions and exposures.

First areas of focus include measures for use in demographics, measure of body size and proportion, alcohol and other substances.

The toolkit is the result of a year-long effort by more than 100 scientists and three panels of researchers.