, a developer of technology for use to clean up emissions from coal-fired utility plants, has secured some $10 million in new financing.

The company will use the funds for enhancements to its technology and also for possible expansion of production capabilities.

CoaLogix is owned by Acorn Energy (Nasdaq: ACFN) and EnerTech Capital. Acorn, EnerTech and CoaLogix management provided the financing.

Its product offerings include catalysts and scrubbers for the removal of heavy metals and nitrogen oxides emissions.

“The funding will be used to meet our customers’ needs, increase our production capabilities and further cut our costs going forward as well as provide capital to support our mercury remediation technology and other new technologies,” said CoaLogix Chief Executive Officer Bill McMahaon. “We believe coal will continue to play a significant role in the growth of the US and economies around the world."