A tissue repair and regeneration firm, a contract research organization and a drug delivery system company will receive a manpower boost from the through its 2009 Industrial fellowship Program.

The Biotech Center will pay the salary and benefits for two years of a scientist at each firm to help the scientist gain experience in private business. are due by May 1.

From 24 applicants, the three participating fellowship program companies are:

• in Greenville. The company is focused on tissue repair and regeneration.

• in High Point. The company develops means of delivering drugs orally.

• in Durham. The firm is a contract research organization, focusing on analysis of chemicals under consideration as drug candidates.

In addition to work experience, the fellows are to receive access to business, intellectual property, regulatory affairs and other areas that might boost their training and possible transition to the private sector.

The goal of the Biotech Center program is to help PhD scientists transition to the private sector.

“This is a unique and important part of our multilayered, statewide job-creation program,” said Shobha Parthasarathi, technology development director for the Biotechnology Center.

“Universities across the state are educating our next generation of scientists, and it’s very important to keep them here in North Carolina,” Parthasarathi added. “This program does that by enabling more researchers to gain experience with companies in our growing industry. We are encouraged that so many excellent companies are interested in the program, and we expect a strong pool of applicants from potential fellows again this year.”