Glam Media, a network of sites that offers fashion content and advertising largely for a female readership, has just launched , a micro-blogging platform that wants to clean up

It offers a way to find, filter and share real-time Twitter and other micro-blogging conversations (on Facebook updates and Friendfeed) on events and breaking news so that advertisers are comfortable endorsing them.

We first reported Glam’s new efforts to filter Twitter’s conversations and Facebook updates last month, when it experimented with the effort at the Oscars. Basically, it lets volunteers endorse certain micro-bloggers they find are value adding to a conversation, and thereby filter out other micro-bloggers who they find offensive or or otherwise inappropriate.

The idea is to make micro-blogging “safe” for brand advertisers, who would like to be associated with certain conversations and get in front of their participants to target offerings. Tinker’s technology lets channel leaders even select certain offensive words to filter out from the conversation.

It’s a somewhat more ambitious effort than the one launched recently by Glam competitor Federated Media, which is helping Twitter find ways to monetize its traffic with things like ExecTweets and also MarchTweetness.

Much of this activity will be tied to offline events, around which conversations tend to happen. These include micro-bloggers covering an Internet industry conference; social conversations of fans as they watch ABC’s Lost live on TV; discussions from people who loved the Fox Searchlight movie Slumdog Millionaire or the new movie Watchmen; bloggers covering the NCAA’s March Madness; and women connecting with each other on a local Moms get together. The company said it launched today with over 100,000 posts by more than 25,000 people on 200 events in popular categories including Awards, Causes, Conferences, Fashion, Festivals, Movies, Music, News, Politics, Sports and TV.