Sacha Labourey, one of Red Hat’s top executives in its JBoss division, is leaving the company.

In a blog post,

Labourey has been with JBoss for eight years and joined Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) when the Raleigh-based Linux software and services provided acquired the Atlanta-based firm. He has served most recently as chief technology officer and vice president of engineering for JBoss. He is based in Switzerland.

“So, why am I leaving now? Well, JBoss is kicking and well alive,” he wrote. “Sales are booming, the product pipeline is full and new talents are energizing our ranks. We are now 33 months after the acquisition of JBoss by Red Hat and it is fair to say it is a great success.”

Labourey said he will remain available to JBoss and Red Hat as an ‘external advisor.”

JBoss Marc Fleury quit Red Hat in 2007.

The departure of Labourey is the second at a senior level for red Hat in recent months. In December, Alan Cox, regarded as one of the top Linux developers at Red Hat, said he was leaving red Hat to join Intel.