Developers of ,” a massively multiplayer online game now under development, are planning to meet fans face-to-face as part of a campaign readying the game for launch.

The company, which is based in Cary and takes the same name as the game, sent its team to San Francisco earlier this week to participate in the annual Game Developers Conference. Fallen Earth is currently being beta tested by selected users. It is to be released later this year.

Fallen Earth will announce rules on its Website on April 2 outlining how fans can “win” a “grassroots” tour stop to meet the Fallen Earth development team.

The game takes place in the Grand Canyon years in the future as mankind struggles to recover from a lethal disease.

The development team includes lead designer Lee Hammock, project manager Colin Dwan, associate project manager Dave Haydysch, content team lead Marie Croall and product manager Jessica Orr.