A company that makes steel and foam construction panels and trusses will open a manufacturing plant in Halifax County, officials said Friday.

FASTA Inc. plans to invest $2.5 million in the Littleton plant and create 105 jobs over the next three years, officials said.

The new jobs will pay an average of $28,707, plus benefits, which is more than the Halifax County average annual wage of $25,844, officials said.

FASTA, or Foam and Steel Technology Associates Inc., is a Virginia-based manufacturer of pre-engineered steel panels and components for the international residential, commercial and institutional markets. The company promotes “green” building practices for the design and construction of homes for the efficient use of energy, water and materials.

“The folks in Halifax County know how to put in a hard day’s work, and they appreciate a decent job,” FASTA President Terry Fowler said in a statement. “We have studied the need for affordable housing, and it’s huge. With the labor resources in eastern Carolina, we hope to make FASTA the affordable green home capital of the world.”

The company will qualify for a $300,000 grant from the One North Carolina Fund if investment and employment targets are met.