Drug research firm is strengthening its intellectual property portfolio, having secured two more U.S. patents.

The company, which received a $990,000 National Institutes of Health grant last month, said one patent covers its lead compound which targets mucus in respiratory diseases. The second covers anti-inflammatory research.

BioMarck’s work forces on peptides. The patens will cover treatment of pulmonary diseases related to mucus and airway inflammation, the company said. It also is seeking international patent coverage.

The lung treatment drug, which is undergoing clinical trial, is designed to combat mucus. According to BioMarck, there are no drugs that treat pulmonary disease by targeting the excessive mucus secretion.

BioMarck licensed its technology from N.C. State,

In 2007, BioMarck secured $4 million in venture funding and won U.S. patent coverage for other key parts of its technology.

Kenneth Adler, a professor of cell biology at NCSU, made the discoveries that led to the development of BioMarck’s technology.