Apple announced Wednesday a new that can talk to you. The move is another sign that the company is serious about holding its No. 1 position in the market and that it isn’t done innovating with something that has been on the market for a while.

It’s a tiny silver thing that is 0.7 inches thick and only 1.8 inches long. The iPod Shuffle weighs 0.38 ounces.

It’s also got a new feature called VoiceOver, which lets your music player talk to you. In a way that helps you navigate through as many as 1,000 songs, you can press a button and avoice will tell you the name of the song or the artists, without interrupting the music.

Now, in contrast to earlier models, you can have multiple playlists, because VoiceOver announces their names, too. That lets you navigate without looking down at a device. (Say, if you’re driving). VoiceOver comes in 14 languages and you can choose the voice when you sync with iTunes. It holds 4 gigabytes of data (1,000 songs) and can play songs for 10 hours on a battery charge.

It is available now for $79.