Online media seems like a free-for-all battle. But there are some non-blog mainstream media sites that stand out as getting the most links and thereby have the most influence, according to blog-tracking firm

The company usually measures a blog’s influence based on links to blog posts. The more links a blog has, the higher it ranks on Technorati’s list of authoritative blogs. But the new Attention Index measures where the bloggers get their information from in the mainstream media. Technorati says there is a symbiotic link between blogs and mainstream media sites, since bloggers often link to media sites as the primary sources of their information.

Bloggers primarily source each other, at about 61 percent of the time. But 46 percent of the time, they link to non-blog web sites. Here is the list of the media web sites — in order of most influential – that bloggers most often link to.

1. YouTube
2. New York Times
3. BBC News
5. MSN
7. Washington Post
8. Yahoo! News
9. Reuters
10. Los Angeles Times
13. The Wall Street Journal
14. Time
15. Wired
16. USA Today
18. FOX News
19. Daily Mail
20. ESPN
21. CBS News
22. Financial Times
23. Forbes
24. San Francisco Chronicle
25. Chicago Tribune
26. The White House
27. New York Post
28. New York Daily News
29. International Herald Tribune
30. PBS
32. BusinessWeek
33. Slate
34. Newsweek
35. New York Magazine
38. San Francisco Examiner
39. MarketWatch
40. Chicago Sun-Times
41. US News & World Report
42. Houston Chronicle
43 Yahoo! Sports
44. Entertainment Weekly
45. Seattle Times
46. E! Online
47. People
48. Science Daily
50. The Christian Science Monitor