Pharmaceutical Product Development (Nasdaq: PPDI) is pushing back for a second time an anticipated $25 million milestone payment for a diabetes drug it is jointly developing.

PPD said Friday that its partner, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company in Japan, had received word from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that further review of the compound Alogliptin is required.

“As a result of this news, PPD is no longer forecasting the receipt of the $25.0 million Alogliptin [new drug application] approval milestone in 2009,” PPD said in a statement. However, PPD does expect Takeda to advance the drug toward approval in Europe later this year. If so, PPD would receive a $10 million payment.

In October, PPD said the $25 million payment wouldn’t be made until 2009 after the FDA said it was delaying review of the compound due to internal resource constraints.

Alogliptin is targeted at type 2 diabetes.