Seven startup companies have been added to the lineup for the InnoVenture Southeast 2009 conference that is set for March 24 in Greenville.

In all, 15 firms will make presentations to potential investors at the conference , which is put on by entrepreneur John Warner and his Swamp Fox firm.

“ will present another strong slate of entrepreneurial companies,” Warner said in a statement. “Prior presenters have raised over $100 million in venture and angel capital, demonstrating that the conference has attracted a pipeline of emerging companies with excellent market opportunities and strong management teams.”

SC Launch!, a state-funded group designed to help finance new ventures, and venture capital firm Noro-Moseley Partners are also helping put on the conference..”

The seven additional firms, with descriptions provided by Swamp Fox, include:

• Anaxtal Silicon (Piedmont, S.C.) – has developed the “Witter Green Cycle” for manufacturing a grade of silicon specifically tailored for the solar photovoltaic (PV) wafer and module manufacturers at a significantly lower cost.

• Avancen (Mt. Pleasant, S.C. – markets MOD – Medication on Demand – which is the only oral Patient-Controlled Analgesia device of its kind and it’s changing the way oral pain medications are delivered on an as needed basis.

• Belief Networks (Charleston, S.C. – assists businesses and organizations to transform their real time, structured and unstructured data into actionable knowledge for improved customer experiences and business lift.

• BiblioLabs (Charleston, S.C.) – provides digital print-on-demand for Institutions to make public domain out-of-print content commercially viable, to allow retail customers: to find and purchase out-of-print books, and to allow content enhancers to mass customize old books.

• Blue Nano (Huntersville, N.C.) – provides high performance nano-materials targeted to OEM manufacturers for use in solar panels, batteries, and fuels cells to boost efficiency and reduce costs.

• Calyptix (Charlotte, N.C. – manufactures an all-in-one network security appliance purpose built for small businesses that integrates multiple next generation security applications to simplify network security and control over users, groups and devices.

• Sabal Medical (Charleston S.C. – aim is to bring nurses and pharmacists together, empowering them with the right tools to recapture wasted time, streamline key processes in hospital medication distribution, reduce medication errors, and improve patient safety.

Previously selected to present were:

• Green Wizard (Charleston, S.C. – is an online solution for the green construction industry that simplifies product research, product comparison, green specifications, quoting, purchase and documentation.

• Hoowaki (Greenville, S.C.) transforms surfaces to mimic the look, feel, and performance of natural surfaces, beginning by targeting large markets seeking hydrophobic surfaces that repel water and ice.

• InnerOptic (Hillsboro, N.C. – markets the InVision System, a "GPS" for minimally invasive surgery and biopsy, which through 3D stereoscopic guidance results in easier, faster and safer interventions.

• Invenca (Greenville, S.C. – is an emerging advanced-materials company focused on innovations in separation science beginning with a new type of HPLC column for use in liquid chromatography of proteins and other large molecules.

• Nexnet (Knoxville, Tenn. – is commercializing the revolutionary Pearl technology, which instantly connects TV and Internet video content/advertising with the viewer’s e-mail or SMS, focusing initially on cable television and Internet video distribution networks.

• SensorTech (Greenville, S.C. – is an advanced-materials company developing conductive polymer sensors that are uniquely durable and formable for medical and industrial applications.

• TracLok (Knoxville, Tenn. – is deploying the GeoLok, a device that secures a container against unauthorized entry, by providing access to the location and condition information of a given container to improve the efficient management of these assets.

• X2Order (Waxhaw, N.C. – provides a unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) framework that enables manufacturers to grow their profits by automating, enforcing, and sustaining Lean Manufacturing practices.