Editor’s note: John Yates, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP partner and an internationally recognized technology attorney, is in India this week on a “tech trek” looking to generate business opportunities for the Atlanta and southeast technology sector. He is posting blog and video entries at . The law firm has offices in Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Savannah and Washington, D.C. Local Tech Wire will be following Yates’ trip and posting Yates’ observations and news.

ATLANTA – My law partner Jason D’Cruz and I are back in the office from our business trip to India and reflecting on the things we learned and that we want to share with the Atlanta tech community. There’s a big difference between venture capital in India and in the U.S. We also analyze the aspects of India that present the most opportunity. We’re going to let the video do the talking, so .

We also to breaking into the India market.

Next, we will discuss employment regulations in India and Europe, and the perceptions many Indians we met have of Atlanta.