Editor’s note: John Yates, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP partner and an internationally recognized technology attorney, is in India this week on a “tech trek” looking to generate business opportunities for the Atlanta and southeast technology sector. He is posting blog and video entries at . The law firm has offices in Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Savannah and Washington, D.C. Local Tech Wire will be following Yates’ trip and posting Yates’ observations and news.

DELHI, India – Travelers to India are often concerned about catching some third world disease – malaria, hepatitis, or “Delhi belly”. A select few entrepreneurs catch a different bug, namely the allure of India.

I met two people during my trip who exemplify Indo-entrepreneurism in different way. They’re following the journey Columbus thought he was taking to the new world. In this case, spices and natural resources are replaced with a booming economy and the attraction of a society entering modern time.

. Evan grew up in New York, graduated from Duke University (in two and one-half years – record time) and worked for me in our law firm’s Business Development Group. He caught the entrepreneurial bug while working with me and joined a major venture capital firm in New York. Broadening his business interests, he attended Harvard Business School and upon graduation traveled to eastern Europe to explore business opportunities. He realized the fastest growing economies in the world weren’t in the U.S. or Europe – they were in India and China. He packed his bags and moved to India as an entrepreneurial American. If you’re young, single and ambitious, India has a special attraction – just listen to Evan to understand it.

Amit is the second in a family of four sons, all of whom are involved in the family business, Genus. A conglomerate of manufacturing, electronics and apparel companies, Genus is a family business with an entrepreneurial flare. Many of India’s most successful businesses are family-run and have been for generations. Amit’s father founded the company business in the ’70s and has diversified over the years. The company has an operation in Florida and is a leading manufacturer of meters for utilities. Listening to Amit, you’ll recognize the entrepreneurial zeal that he has for his business and the commitment to quality that his family has in his products and services.

Our final entry will include a summary of the trip and thoughts about the future opportunities in India for Atlanta and Southeast companies.

John back in Atlanta