Epic Games is offering PlayStation 3 and PC gamers the largest free bonus pack content in its history on March 5.

Anyone who owns a PC or PS3 version of , which has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide across three platforms, will be able to download the new content.

"Really, our goal with this ‘Titan Pack’ is one of the things that we have tried to traditionally do with the ‘Unreal Tournament’ franchise, and that is really provide ongoing support for the game and support our community with fresh new content," said Steve Polge, lead designer and lead programmer on the Unreal Tournament 3 series. "We’re adding a whole lot of new content to try to bring people back who have played the game before but have moved on away from it and try to get fresh faces playing it, as well."

The "Titan Pack" gives players a substantial amount of enhanced features and new content, including 16 new environments to play in, two new game types (Greed and Betrayal), powerful deployables and weapons, new characters, the Stealthbender vehicle, and the namesake Titan mutator.

For those who haven’t played this game franchise, mutators are crazy gameplay options that can be used in multiplayer, like making characters large (Fat Boy) or having huge heads (Big Head). Titan adds a whole lot of firepower to the gameplay.

"As players progress through a game, they’ll fill up a meter," explained Polge. "Once it’s full, they can turn into a Titan, which is a 15-foot-tall guy with tons of health and super weapons. The downside is that he can’t carry flags or skulls, so he’s just armored support. It’s cool because once you’re a Titan you’re the guy providing cover for the guy trying to get your teammate back to base."

As an added bonus, players who create a lot of damage as a Titan can fill up the meter and become a 30-foot-tall Behemoth for short 30-second bursts. Even more devastation can be had in this mode.

A pair of new multiplayer gameplay modes spices things up for UT3 players. In Greed mode, players collect skulls for each kill and receive points for bringing those trophies to the enemy base. It’s a "tug of war" style battle between two teams. In Betrayal mode, players are teamed up into threes and are given the option of fighting the enemy as well as turning on their teammates at any time. A red beam kills enemies, while a blue beam slices through teammates. Once betrayed, a player has 30 seconds to hunt down their teammate and seek retribution.

"It’s a lot of fun playing with friends because you are yelling at each other the whole time and two teammates walk into a room together and eye each other and trying to decide whether to betray one another," said Polge, who added that teams will change during the game to further enhance the action. "There are lots of cool little strategies and mind games you are playing with the other people in the match."

Polge said the new expansion also incorporates sweeping enhancements to the game’s artificial intelligence (AI), networking performance, user interface usability and mod support, plus the addition of 57 PS3 Trophies and Steam Achievements for accomplishing bonus mission objectives. The PS3 version of the game gets split-screen multiplayer capabilities as well as a more streamlined interface to allow gamers to download PC-created mods to their consoles.

"Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 was the first console game that allowed gamers to play user-created PC mods on their console," said Polge. "They used to have to go through some hoops to get this content, either downloading it on a memory stick or going through the PS3 browser. We’ve now integrated the mod browser into the game, so players are taken directly to our website. We’ll constantly be taking the best new PC mods and offering them for PS3 gamers to download."

New units are one part of this mammoth download. The new X-Ray deployable field can be used to lay waste to foes since enemies inside it are extremely vulnerable, while the Link Station, a temporary repair unit, can be deployed to keep vehicles in top fighting condition. The Stealthbender vehicle comes equipped with a Link Station, an X-Ray Field, spidermine traps, and an EMP mine, but what makes this new vehicle especially lethal is its underlying Necris stealth technology, which renders it invisible for surprise attacks.

"Playing a deathmatch with an X-Ray adds a lot to the game," said Polge. "It’s this x-ray field that an opponent goes into and they basically look like a skeleton while they are in it. The field slows them down and makes them really vulnerable to attack, so you can set up traps and take out enemies with this."

Other new features include the Eradicator, a stationary long-range artillery piece that will spray fire on opposing units almost anywhere in the map. And the Stinger turret combines the fastest firing rate of any weapon in any Unreal Tournament game with huge knockback. The robot Nova and the sexy warrior Kana are two new playable characters in the game’s roster of combatants.

Polge said the game’s new maps offer a lot of different gameplay options from wide open areas for 32 players to smaller, close-quarters arenas. There are also nods to past Unreal game levels, as well as an homage to BioShock (which Take-Two Interactive built with Unreal Engine 3) with the Eden level.