Editor’s note: Writing today’s Skinny and filling in for LTW Editor Rick Smith this week is Noah Garrett. You can reach Noah directly at noah@thinkngc.com.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — It has been another nutty week in the tech world.

We have seen everything from more job cuts and quarterly losses to deeper recession woes, mosquitoes unleashed at conferences and CEOs resigning. Boy, I can’t wait until next week.

Here’s a roundup of some of the interesting stories this week.

Stimulus Package: President Barack Obama said Wednesday the recession will turn into “a catastrophe” if the economic stimulus is not passed quickly, lobbying anew for the plan as its price tag climbed above $900 billion and drew more criticism. This is supposed to be a new era of bipartisanship, but this bill seems like it was written based on the wish list. Put a billion in there for The Skinny, if you don’t mind.

Lenovo: The big news on Thursday was that No. 4 PC-maker Lenovo announced a $96.7 million quarterly loss as sales dropped in the global economic turmoil. The company also said CEO William J. Amelio resigned in a management reshuffle. Rory Read, senior vice president, operations, has been named to the newly created position of president and COO. No word just yet on the impacts that the news that came out of China it will have here in Morrisville.

Mosquitoes: Bill Gates reportedly unleashed mosquitoes on the TED audience Thursday. The Microsoft founder and chairman seems to be enjoying semi-retirement with a rather unorthodox method at the California conference to illustrate the importance of malaria prevention – one of the major causes about which the Gates Foundation has been generating PR recently. The incident prompted eBay founder Pierre Omidyar to declare (via Twitter): “That’s it, I’m not sitting up front anymore.”

Cisco: The hardware giant reported weak earnings this week, and there was speculation that layoffs may be coming soon. Cisco chief executive John Chambers claims, “We are not going to consider layoffs at this time.” However, we’ll wait and see if there isn’t a “realignment” soon that involves the elimination some jobs. I guess “realignment” doesn’t count these days.

Nortel Bailout: It seems our Canadian neighbors are following in our footsteps to bail out big companies with tax dollars. The Canadian government on Wednesday pledged to give Nortel  up to $30 million Canadian ($24 million USD) to emerge from bankruptcy. The decision to use taxpayer dough has generated heated discussion both in Canada and stateside.

Digital delay: After weeks of debate, Congress is giving consumers four more months to prepare for the upcoming transition from analog to digital television broadcasting. The House voted 264-158 on Wednesday to postpone the shutdown of analog TV signals to June 12 to address growing concerns that too many Americans won’t be ready by the Feb. 17 deadline that Congress set three years ago. Personally, I am appalled at this decision. Granted, some 6.5 million folks aren’t ready for the switch, but they have had three years to get ready for it. My question is: How much is this going to cost taxpayers with this delay?

Boaters Note: Well, apparently there’s been a digital switch on the water that wasn’t delayed. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stopped using its satellites to monitor the 121.5 MHz frequency used by older analog boater distress beacons last week. The signals come from devices known as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons. For recreational boaters, EPIRBs are not mandatory, but they are are required for commercial vessels operating more than three nautical miles offshore. Like the switchover to digital TV this year, the changeover to digital EPIRBs has been in the works for years. Oh, by the way, the cost is not cheap: EPIRBs range from $400 to $1,000.

Thanks: It’s been a privilege to serve as editor of Local Tech Wire for the last two weeks. Our resident tech guru, Rick Smith, returns to his duties next week as I take a vacation. In summary: Rick, you are da man!. Have a good weekend.