IBM (NYSE: IBM) workers in the Triangle, where Big Blue employs more people than in any one spot in the world, are bracing for another round of job cuts that are expected to begin on Tuesday.

Multiple sources tell Local Tech Wire and that IBM workers have been “selected” to participate in a “resource action” and will meet with supervisors for one-on-one, 15 minute sessions.

“Selected” is how IBM terms the process by which employees are chosen for the job cuts.

“Resource action,” or RA for short, is IBM speak for layoffs.

IBM employs some 400,000 people worldwide. Of those, 11,000 are based in RTP.

The news of more cuts comes less than a week after IBM cut more than 2,800 employees in its sales and distribution group and its software group. The number is based on documents acquired by Alliance@IBM, the union that seeks to represent IBM employees.

Expected to be hit hard Tuesday were members of the hardware group. Much of IBM’s server work is done in the Triangle.

“I didn’t receive my layoff notice Monday, but I have a 15-minute, one-on-one meeting with my manager [Tuesday], when I assume I’ll be told one way or the other,” an IBM Triangle veteran said.

Word spread quickly among IBM employees and former workers on Monday.

“[T]hey are having one-on-ones with first-line managers [Tuesday],” one recently laid-off IBM worker said. According to what his colleagues still working at IBM told him, the ex-Big Blue worker added: “Apparently this is happen(ing) all over STG, which includes servers, retail solutions and other groups.”

Another worker said: “I had confirmation today that [a Lotus group] will do layoffs [Tuesday] in RTP. I’m hoping for the best, but it seems like nobody is safe.”

IBM typically declines to comment about layoffs, even after they have occurred.

Spokesperson Doug Shelton told Reuters on Monday that layoffs were made last week, but declined to say how many.

Lee Conrad, spokesperson for Alliance@IBM, has predicted that more layoffs would be made this week. He cited as his source e-mail reports being sent to the union and postings at its Web site from people who say they are IBM workers. and LTW reported last week that the cuts were made, but noted that John Buscemi, another IBM spokesperson, denied rumors of 16,000 layoffs taking place.

“IBM manages its workload and its talent on a global basis,” Buscemi said last Wednesday. “However, today’s announcement affects North America.”

The job cuts were launched after IBM had exceeded Wall Street expectations for profits in its quarterly financial report the previous day.