FORT BRAGG, N.C. – The Fort Bragg/Pope AFB BRAC Regional Task Force has partnered with the Kenan Fellows Program for Curriculum and Leadership Development to establish BRAC Region Kenan Fellowships.

The Kenan Fellows Program is a competitive two-year fellowship being offered initially to K-12 public school teachers in three pilot counties within the BRAC region: Cumberland, Harnett, and Moore counties. The program focuses on the key role of strong teachers and the value of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in the global economy.

"Kenan Fellowships will help our best and brightest teachers learn about the practices and skills that characterize the innovative, high-tech labs and industries moving into the area. In addition our fellows will have an opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the field to bring real-world awareness into the classroom, making sure schools are a central part of the effort to support this growing community," said Paul Dordal, executive director of the BRAC RTF.

The Kenan Fellows Program taps the wealth of professional expertise in university and private sector research facilities.

"The 11-county BRAC region is home to eight community colleges and strong state and private universities including Campbell University, Fayetteville State, and UNC-Pembroke, Methodist University, and St. Andrews Presbyterian, that will supply the workforce talent needed by a growing number of high-tech industry clusters," said Dordal.

Teachers in the region selected as Fellows work with industry and academic Mentors to learn about important new developments and to gain an understanding of the significance of current research and scientific practice for students entering the work force and higher education.

Each Mentor/Fellow pair works to translate the research experience into engaging lessons for use in classrooms across the state. Fellows create innovative curriculum resources aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

In Summer Institutes for Professional Development, Fellows build advanced skills that allow them to effectively share their experiences in the context of their own schools. The 21st Century workplace challenges students to be problem solvers, team players and to think systemically. Lessons designed by Fellows help educate a talent pool of young people with experience in hands-on, inquiry-based study.

The Kenan Fellows Program is an initiative of the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science at North Carolina State University. They engage regularly in dialog with business leaders and policy-makers whose work impacts education. They learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the diverse talents in their school communities.

"Over time, the Kenan Fellows Program will support an extended network of skilled teacher leaders, in the BRAC region and beyond, working to improve the quality of math and science education," said Dr. Jane Smith, program manager for education at the BRAC RTF.

The application deadline for this program is January 30. More information is available at