is the company behind those headsets that are available for rental or purchase at any NASCAR or IndyCar Series event, the ones that allow racing fans to listen to drivers, crews, officials and radio broadcasts during events. Now the company is the latest in North Carolina to contribute to the booming videogame business.

“An exciting opportunity to grow Track Scan presented itself from our R&D efforts in developing racing products,” said Glen Aikenhead, chief executive officer of Track Scan. “We believe there is significant growth potential by expanding beyond our core market.”

Track Scan has just released its first videogame headset for the Xbox 360. The VIBRAS Five.One ($200) includes the lightweight headset, Dolby Digital AC3 Technology decoder box, detachable microphone with an in-line voice amplifier box, optical fiber cable, AC power supply and replacement ear pad covers. The headset comes equipped with five individually encoded discrete audio channels pulsating through 10 speakers (five in each ear cup).

“The VIBRAS Five.One price may be the same or much higher than other headsets available,” explained Aikenhead. “Both the AC-3 chipset and the quality of the speakers add to the cost of the headset. The Dolby Digital AC-3 chipset sends the audio signal to high-quality, properly positioned individual speakers to produce crisp sound detail that is embedded in the game audio and can only be heard through high-quality components.”

Aikenhead said most other gaming headsets have one speaker in each headset cup and these pseudo-surround sound headsets do not offer the separation of sound, crispness and detail available with the VIBRAS Five.One. For the serious gamer looking to gain a significant strategic advantage, the VIBRAS Five.One is above the rest, he added.

Although the small, independent company, which chose Mooresville as its headquarters to be in the heart of the NASCAR community, is just getting in the game, there are more products in the works. Thursday, Track Scan released a USB 5.1 surround sound headset for PC gamers ($160). Aikenhead said Track Scan is working on two additional PC headsets, two more Xbox 360 versions and a full wireless line. He added that the technology is also compatible with Sony’s PlayStation 3, although no plans are in the works for that console at the moment.

“It is our opinion that Microsoft is head and shoulders above the competition in the gaming and entertainment console industry,” explained Aikenhead. “In order to meet the requirements of an officially licensed Xbox 360 accessory, there must be superior audio and construction quality to match the standards of the Xbox 360 game and entertainment system. No other headset has been able to meet or exceed the requirements except the VIBRAS Five.One. We have had an exceptional and open working relationship, starting with our initials talks and continuing through today.”

Out of the gate, Track Scan is selling its gaming headset on its own Web site, as well as through and But Aikenhead said the company is working with big-box retailers and specialty shops to get its products in front of more gamers. The company also sees potential crossover with its NASCAR fans, many of whom are gamers.

“There is a significant synergy between our core base of NASCAR customers and the potential of diversifying our business into gaming,” said Aikenhead. “We’ve been developing headsets since 1993 and felt gaming was a good fit. Gaming appears to be the favored pastime of drivers and crews during rain delays and evenings spent at the track.”

Aikenhead expects the booming videogame market to become a big part of the company’s business moving forward. According to The NPD Group, videogame sales in the U.S. are on pace to break $23 billion. Videogame accessories sales have been an important part of gaming’s success. In the month of November alone, U.S. game accessories took in $255.4 million.

“We hope to build our expertise in the video game business to as large a percentage as we have successfully done in racing through exceptional quality products and services,” said Aikenhead. “Our growth has always come through hard work and focus and thorough enjoyment of what we do.”

Track Scan becomes the latest North Carolina company to become involved in the videogame business. The Research Triangle area, in particular, has seen growth in game development studios over the years.

“I think it’s a very exciting future for everybody in the area, as well as our state, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” said Aikenhead.