RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – What are your favorite memories of Christmas?

As we pause from our busy lives to celebrate Christmas today, don’t you find yourself remembering and celebrating all that makes this day special?

Faith. Family. Friends. Fellowship. Giving. Sharing.

As difficult as 2008 has been and as bad as 2009 threatens to be, for a few hours today we all should focus not on business, jobs and money but on why we commemorate this day. As commercialized as this day has become, each of us can make sure the best of this holiday is not lost.

Most businesses will be closed today, giving families a chance to gather for quiet remembrance, gifts, a meal. For a few hours the stresses of daily life can be set aside.

It’s back to work on Friday for many of us. So during the precious time available to you today, do your best to create memories that will grow warmer in years to come. They will pay handsome dividends.

Merry Christmas. Make the most of this day.