Some remnants of Integrian, a high-tech mobile video firm that raised more than $60 million, have been acquired and reformed into a new company.

Along with 55 of Integrian’s 80 or so employees, Digital Safety Technologies disclosed its launch on Wednesday. The new venture, which originally titled itself as Integrian Acquisition Corp., was formed earlier this month.

Roger Lucas, a New York businessman, and investors bought the Integrian assets. In a statement, Lucas said the new venture would focus on the Integrian Digital Patroller surveillance system. He told The News & Observer that the assets were purchased from banks who had liens on Integrian.

Lucas announced the deal in a press release.

Investors in Integrian included Intersouth Partners in Durham and North Carolina based Wakefield Group. A spokesperson for Internsouth has declined any comment about the sale.

Integrian’s other product group, which dealt with mass transit security, was not included in the deal.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Matthews will serve as chief executive officer of the new company.

Catalyst Manufacturing Services, which has an operation in Morrisville, made equipment for Integrian. That company is owned by Matthews and other members of his family.

Local Tech Wire reported on Dec. 4 that Integrian was being sold. In November, LTW also reported that Integrian had run into financial difficulties but was negotiating to find a buyer.

As Integrian was being sold, founder and CEO Peter Durand left the company along with several other executives. Some 30 people working in the mass transit group were laid off.

Durand declined comment on the transaction.