, an $80 million company, and two of its subsidiaries are relocating their headquarters to Research Triangle Park, N.C., in January.

The new headquarters will open Jan. 5.

Sipcam Agro’s subsidiaries include Advan LLC and Sostram Corp.

The companies are focused on plant protection science and products.

“Our vision is to become a $200 million company in the next five years by improving our customers’ profitability,” said Andy Lee, chief executive officer of Sipcam Agro, in announcing the move.

Sipcam Agro is owned by the Sipcam/Oxon Group in Italy.

Advan focuses on professional turf, ornamental and organic agriculture plus home and garden products.

Sostram provides industrial biocides and targets such threats as termites, insects, decay and mold.

The company plans to employ some 30 people at its RTP operation.