, a company that lets you collect and republish online videos, is launching a way to publish your video collections within a single site.

It has already offered a way for sites to code their own such video-aggregation features. The new service is a way for a publisher to add a video section, with customizable domain names, templates and other features without doing any coding themselves. Selling ads on such as site could be a quick way for publishers to make a little money.

The screenshot with this article is a sample site the company cooked up for VentureBeat, featuring digital media videos that we’ve published since early November. You can check out a live version at .

The company, formally known as Remixation and based in San Francisco, already works with publishers including Time, Politico, Talking Points Memo, and GigaOm.

Vodpod’s home site, which aggregates all of its partners’ video collections, gets between 3.5 million and 4 million monthly unique visitors, the company claims. It also offers a set of tools for collecting and publishing videos, including a way to post a video to your blog, widgets, an application programming interface for developers, applications for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and integration with Friendfeed. Videos can come from any online video site that offers videos with embed codes to allow them to display on other sites.