Editor’s note: Taylor Barr, a communications associate at e-mail marketing firm iContact in Durham, is in Paris on Dec. 9-10 to take part in the “Le Web “ conference. One of the largest Internet conferences in all Europe, Le Web is meant to attract innovators, entrepreneurs, and an array of people who are passionate about the future of the Internet, and how it will change the way people work and communicate. Taylor, on behalf of iContact, plans to speak with others about how e-mail marketing will play a major role in the future of online business. Look for more updates as he reports live from the conference.

PARIS – The Le Web Conference in Paris rolls on for its second day with an array of demonstrations by startup companies, speaker presentations, and workshops for all attendees.

The focus for today has been primarily on innovation. During the morning session, lead developers from Facebook, Myspace, and Google discussed the future development of the online workspace and how open source technologies will change the face of the internet.

Another segment of the Le Web conference presented today was the in-depth workshops. Companies had the opportunity to sit down with members of the technology community and walk through how their products and services work. For many attendees, it was the first time using cutting edge products that have yet to be introduced to the public.

The conference also included intimate, "fireside chats" between company executives and small audiences. One in particular, “The Revenge of Email,” covered how businesses use e-mail to establish greater ROI over other platforms such as direct mail and online advertising.

Loic Le Meur, founder of the Le Web Conference noted: "The conference has been a great success. Never before have we had such inspiring entrepreneurs, world renowned leaders, and bright minded individuals from all over the world- in one place. Because of this, we have had the ability to address the challenges of technology and how the future of the internet will affect each and everyone of us across the globe."