, a provider of so-called “smart” meters for utility companies worldwide, is targeting conservation and will be up its operations in the Triangle.

The Raleigh-based firm is renaming one of its business units as “Conservation Solutions” from AMI/Electric. AMI stood for Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

Sensus meters can be monitored remotely rather than physically checked by a technician.

Sensus also plans to open an engineering center in Morrisville that will employ more than 20 people.

Why the name change?

"We changed the name to Conservation Solutions to reflect our commitment to providing electric, water and gas utilities with the technologies and tools to enable them and consumers to proactively monitor and manage our natural resources," said Sensus Chief Executive Officer Peter Mainz.

"We believe we are uniquely positioned to lead our industry in these efforts,” he added. “In addition, the new name acknowledges the broad and rapidly expanding scope of this business."