Encelle no longer exists as a stand-alone company, but its technology lives on as part of a new bone-graft substitute product announced on Wednesday.

, which acquired Encelle last year, said it is prepared to release “FortrOss” in North American markets. The Michigan-based firm describes the product as a “next-generation bone-void filler” that utilizes nanotechnology.

FortrOss will serve as a “scaffold” around which new bone growth can occur, according to Pioneer. It actually “mimics” native bone tissue, the company says.

Pionner’s product also incorporates technology from Angstrom Medica, another firm it acquired in 2007.

Encelle focused on tissue regeneration technology, including an injectable biopolymer. Encelle had operations in Raleigh and Greenville, but consolidated in Greenville after the Pioneer acquisition.

Encelle had raised some $30 million in venture capital over several years. Intersouth Partners was among its investors. Cordova Ventures and the North Carolina Enterprise Fund also had invested in Encelle.