Viewers wanting to download TV programs such as “MadMen” are utilizing through the Raleigh firm’s relationship with Broadway Video Digital Media.

Broadway is offering a variety of TV shows through Apple’s iTune Store and other outlets such as the Web, video on demand and for mobile devices.

Inlet provides video compression technology. The firm is venture capital backed. (Investors include Capitol Broadcasting, the parent of Local Tech Wire.)

“The new media landscape today is like the Wild West, with challenges and opportunities changing on a daily basis,” said Dirk Van Dall, Broadway’s general manager. “Fathom’s versatility helps us address these changes.”

Fathom is the name for Inlet’s product.

“Fathom has streamlined our entire workflow process, combining the advanced functionality and real-time speed of an encoder with the finesse previously found only in high-end transcoding devices,” Van Dall added. “With Inlet’s help, we’ve encoded three seasons of episodes, including hundreds of hours of content, with tremendous efficiency and outstanding quality.”