It’s too late to try to attend Local Tech Wire’s "Angel Connection" program about venture capital and angel investing that’s set for today in RTP.

All the spots to attend are gone.

However, LTW will feature a full report on Friday if you aren’t among the people who are already registered to attend.

Catherine Mott, CEO and founder of BlueTree Capital Group and BlueTree Allied Angels, will be the keynote speaker at the Hilton RDU Airport in RTP.

This event is hosted by WRAL Local Tech Wire and the Triangle Accredited Capital Forum.

Mott is well known in the industry and will provide in-depth information on what’s hot and what’s not in angel investing, how angels have been performing in the United States and internationally, and what trends are driving angel investing today.

Mott has been a speaker at the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF) annual conference and the State Science and Technology Initiative (SSTI) Annual Conference, as well as at the Michigan Growth Capital Conference and North Carolina’s Angel Investor Summit. She has been featured in many professional industry publications as one of the few women who represent the industry of angel capital/venture capital.

"As a board member of the angel capital industry’s trade-support organization, I plan to discuss the trends in angel networks in the U.S. and other parts of the world, including Europe, South America, the Mediterranean, New Zealand and Australia as well as Southern Asia. "

Motts said she also plans to highlight some of the current industry research – one such research project will focus on ROI for angel groups as it tends to out-perform the average return for venture capital funds.

Prior to BlueTree, Mott had founded Synergetics Sales Performance Group (formerly Strategic Sales Solutions) and Indigo Capital Development, LLC. In 2002, she was recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s 50 Best Women in Business.

Bill Warner, managing partner at Paladin Associates in Raleigh and chairman of the Triangle Accredited Capital Forum, said he was excited to see how this event can help entrepreneurs, angel investors/potential angel investors, and professional services firms gain a better understanding of the importance of this funding.

"The Angel Connection will be a valuable event for the entire business community in RTP," Warner said. "This will help continue building awareness in the area, present precious networking opportunities for everyone who attends, and provide important information on the current state of angel investing."

Angels are individuals who invest in businesses in search of a higher return than they would see from more traditional investments. Many are successful entrepreneurs who want to help other entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Usually, they are the bridge from the self-funded stage of a business to the point that the business needs the level of funding a venture capitalist would offer.

Today, angels typically offer expertise, experience and contacts in addition to money. Less is known about angel investing than venture capital because of the individuality and privacy of the investments, but the Small Business Administration estimates that there are at least 250,000 angels active in the country, funding about 30,000 small companies a year