Shane O’Donnell, a veteran executive at Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO) is joining startup as its vice president of engineering.

BlueStripe, which recently emerged from stealth mode, is focused on application service management solutions for data centers operating in a virtualized environment.

O’Donnell was a software strategist and architect at Cisco, where he explored open-source software solutions for embedded systems, such as routers, and management products. He also worked at one time at network management technology firm Oculan.

"One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is taking core business applications and moving them to the promise of virtual platforms," said O’Donnell. "The team at BlueStripe is changing the way companies manage applications with a new approach that successfully brings world-class application management capabilities to the virtual platform world.

"BlueStripe has solved the foremost obstacle in this space and I’m eager to advance their efforts to help customers gain maximum visibility into their applications and effectively manage virtualized resources."

Chris Neal, founder and chief executive officer of BlueStripe, has said that the firm is focused on “providing solutions for “improving the way companies manage applications – both physical and virtual."