Affinergy,{{/a} a spinout from Duke University, has landed $3.6 million in new federal grants to be used in further development of its proprietary medical-device-delivery technology.

Affinergy produces “biolinker” coatings that adhere to proteins, drugs, cells, and biomaterials used in orthopedic and cardiovascular procedures. This bio-friendly coating works to accelerate the healing and recovery process after surgery.

The company has received some $9 million in grants so far this year.

The latest funds are small-business innovation and research grants. Two are Phase 2 awards for use in development of orthopedic and dental devices.

"We are grateful for the grant funding to move forward with product development of dental bone-void fillers," said Hanne Gron, Affinergy’s director of research and the principal investigator for the Phase 2 program. It is funded by the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research.

"This is a significant opportunity in a market that is growing at double-digit rates,” Gron added. “Our technical team is eager to advance the commercial development of this new class of Affinergy products."