GREENVILLE, N.C. – Metrics Inc. now offers microbiology-testing services to the contract pharmaceutical industry. The new services stem from the company’s recent $18-million, 47,000-square-foot expansion that doubled its facility size and service capabilities.

Metrics Inc., headquartered in Greenville, N.C., provides quality pharmaceutical formulation, clinical trial material (Phase I, II and III) and commercial manufacturing, and analytical development/validation services to the pharmaceutical industry.

“Offering our clients all the services they need under one roof has been a long-time goal for us,” said Phil Hodges, president. “We’re glad we can add value to the relationships we’ve developed with our clients, and know these services will make Metrics even more competitive when it comes to attracting new clients.”

As part of its new microbiology laboratory, Metrics has brought antibiotic assay and sterility testing online, enhancing its ability to offer full microbiological support of sterile products. The company routinely performs bacterial endotoxin and particulate matter testing on parenterals.

Metrics’ facility addition also includes four new fully operational analytical laboratories, stability storage with environmental specialties chambers complete with redundant mechanical systems and strictly limited personnel access; and a dedicated cytotoxic and potent compound laboratory.

As part of its expansion, Metrics is increasing staff, adding at least 50 pharmaceutical scientists and technicians.