Temperatures weren’t the only things hot in RTP this summer.

New and expanding companies announced more than $1 billion in investments in the 13-county region from June through August for projects estimated to create nearly 1,700 new jobs, according to a new report released by the Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP). The summer investment total exceeded the robust $819 million in regional investments announced for all of 2007.

“It’s an extraordinary level of investment for a region under any conditions, but even more significant in light of the weaker national economy,” says Charles A. Hayes, president and CEO of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP), which coordinates economic development for the Research Triangle Region. The region comprises the central North Carolina counties of Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Orange, Person, Vance, Wake and Warren.

“We see these announcements as a strong endorsement of our region’s economy,” Hayes said.

The brisk pace of summer announcements followed welcome news last spring that the region added nearly 102,000 jobs in the first four years of implementing a five-year comprehensive regional economic development strategy, called Staying on Top: Winning the Job Wars of the Future. It outlines five strategies and 30 action items to ensure the region remains globally competitive and to boost employment in all 13 counties in the region. If economic conditions hold in 2008, the region will have achieved its goal of adding 100,000 new jobs during the five years of the plan.

“These results reaffirm our strategy of focusing economic development on expanding clusters, like life sciences and technology, where we have a world-leading research and development advantage and high probability of creating jobs in the future,” Hayes said.

New Investments Diversify Regional Economy

The region’s 30 announced investments come from both new (12) and existing (18) companies and represents a mix of targeted industry sectors and business types, from R&D and contract research to advanced manufacturing. Among the new investments were $373 million from informatics companies (528 jobs), $302 million in life sciences (382 jobs), and $150 million in advanced medical care (328 jobs) – all targets of regional economic development.

Four companies relocated their corporate, U.S. or North American headquarters to the region: Cheminova, Medis Medical Imaging Systems Inc., Patheon Inc. and Tryton Medical.

New investments were announced in seven of the region’s 13 counties. “We’re delighted to see companies investing across our region, not only in the urban core but also in the 10 rural, outlying counties,” Hayes says. “This creates jobs closer to home for residents in all of our 13 counties, which is a regional economic development priority.”

Strategic Planning Launched

The region’s latest successes from its Staying on Top plan provide a strong foundation as RTRP begins planning for the second five-year strategic plan, dubbed “Staying on Top 2.” Two regional business leaders, SAS Community Relations Director Ann Goodnight and Manpower President and CEO Jeff Stocks, co-chair the CEO Leadership Committee that is advising the development of that plan. The plan is expected to be completed by and announced at RTRP’s State of the Research Triangle Region event in May. It will guide regional economic development from July 2009 through June 2014.

Research Triangle Region Investment Announcements June-August 2008

Here is the list of investments announced in the Research Triangle Region from June through August. Companies are listed in order of the investment amount or jobs created, with the county in which they are located or locating, investment total, new jobs they expect to create, type of business and country of origin:

• IBM (Durham), $362 million investment, 10 jobs, data center, U.S.
• Merck & Co. Inc. (Durham), $300 million investment, 180 jobs, vaccine manufacturing, U.S.
• Rex Healthcare Outpatient Facility, $150 million, medical center, U.S.
• Uniboard Canada Inc. (Chatham), $142 million investment, 104 jobs, manufacturing of decorative laminates, panels and related products, Canada
• Adams Products Company (Harnett), $22 million investment, 30 jobs, concrete manufacturing, U.S.
• Peak 10 Inc. (Wake), $8 million investment, 5 jobs, data center operator and managed services provider, U.S.
• The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham (Durham), $6.26 million investment, 40 jobs, culinary institute, U.S.
• Jerry’s Artarama (Vance), $5 million investment, 50 jobs, art and craft supply distribution, U.S.
• HCL America Inc. (Wake), $3.2 million investment, 513 jobs, global information technology services, India
• Southeastern Tool & Die Inc. (Moore), $3 million investment, 30 jobs, tool and die fabrication manufacturing, U.S.
• Metchem (Moore), $1.2 million investment, 7 jobs, nickel and cobalt-based chemical manufacturing, U.S.
• Thermal Metal Treating Inc. (Moore), $700,000 investment, metal heat-treating manufacturing, U.S.
• Syngenta (Durham), $671,640 investment, 75 jobs, agricultural biotechnology, Switzerland
• Patheon Inc. (Durham, Wake), $437,500 investment, 150 jobs, global headquarters and new analytical development laboratory facilities, global provider of drug development and manufacturing services, Canada
• Advanced Metal Processing LLC (Franklin), $300,000 investment, 5 jobs, metal recycling, U.S.
• Cheminova Inc. (Durham), $146,080 investment, 20 jobs, U.S. headquarters, agricultural biotechnology, Denmark
• Stay-Right Precast Concrete Inc. (Franklin), $116,500 investment, 2 jobs, pre-cast concrete, U.S.
• Ryerson Tull Inc. (Franklin), $110,000 investment, 1 job, stainless steel distribution, U.S.
• Novant Health Holly Springs Hospital (Wake), 200 jobs, medical center, U.S.
• Eaton Corp. (Franklin), 100 jobs, electrical manufacturing, U.S.
• WakeMed Cary Hospital (Wake), 100 jobs, medical center, U.S.
• Sensus Metering Systems (Wake), 40 jobs, water, gas and electric meter supplier, U.S.
• Insomniac Games Inc. (Wake), 30 jobs, electronic games, U.S.
• Tryton Medical Inc. (Wake), 12 jobs, corporate headquarters, medical device manufacturing, U.S.
• Ideas Architecture Inc. (Wake), 10 jobs, architectural services, U.S.
• Owens & Minor Inc. (Wake), 10 jobs, medical/surgical supply distribution, U.S.
• Tom Jones Drug, Compounding, Home Medical and Nutrition Center (Wake), 10 jobs, pharmaceutical company, U.S.
• Medis Medical Imaging Systems Inc. (Wake), 6 jobs, North American headquarters, medical image measurement software, Netherlands
• Kuehne + Nagel Inc. (Wake), 3 jobs, logistics, Germany
• Stewart Engineering Inc. (Wake), 3 jobs, engineering services, U.S.