Here’s an interesting new use of Adobe’s AIR platform for creating hybrid web/desktop applications – With a free AIR app called users can watch in real-time as other businesses visit their websites, then use that info to pursue a sale. The data scrolls across the bottom of their screens like the CNN news ticker, and when you see something interesting, you can look up relevant contacts via the Demandbase Central Platform.

With Stream, chief executive Chris Golec says his company is bridging two different kinds of businesses. There are companies like LeadLander that provide reports on possible customers visiting your website, and there are others like Hoover’s and ZoomInfo that compile data about useful contacts. San Francisco-based Demandbase, on the other hand, ties the two processes together. Demandbase also makes money in a unique way — the Stream app, which provides the site visitor data (plus more analytics, as you can see in the screenshot below), is completely free. Then, when you actually want to call or email someone at a relevant company, Demandbase charges per contact rather than for an entire list, of which you’ll only use a small fraction.

Since I’ve never had to pursue business leads myself, it’s hard to say whether I’d like Demandbase’s pay-per-contact model, but the two sides of the startup’s business seem like a good match. Plus, there’s an undeniable “wow” factor when you use the Stream app and watch as company names scroll across your desktop.

Adobe was apparently impressed with Demandbase’s use of AIR technology, too. Along with Altos Ventures, Adobe provided Demandbase’s first round of funding. Both firms also participated in Demandbase’s new $8 million second round, which was led by Sigma Partners.